Episode 67: How to be a Stokie

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In the absence of Chris, Ben and any meaningful football to talk about this weekend – we’ve done something a bit different for this episode.

Joining David Cowlishaw are David Lee and Jon Mackenzie. David Lee is the author of Triffic, a biography of Tony Pulis, and 41 Shades of Grey – “The Tweet Life of Stoke City”, which takes a look at last season through the lens of Twitter.

Jon is a freelance journalist and podcaster who presents the Team of John O’Sheas podcast. This summer Jon, a Leeds fan, interviewed fans of all 20 Premier League teams to gain a unique insight into the clubs of the top flight before the season got underway.

They’re joining me to discuss the manifold issues of football fandom – is there a right way to support a club? Has social media been good for football discussion? What do Stoke fans want from Stoke City and how will the nature of supporting your team change in the future?
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