Wizards 62: Lostock and Two Stoking Barrels




Dave and Ben are there to see Joselu score a brace at Bolton, and everything’s rosy in the garden of Stoke…right?

The pair sejourn to the pub to dissect that friendly, Stoke’s transfer activity (or lack of it), Hughes’ 3 at the back, and the general fan gloom as the new season approaches. In addition, we have a post-Sheffield United ramble from Chris, who saw a less hopeful Stoke City performance. Unlucky mate.

New theme tune by Divenire (@DIVENIREUK)



Wizards 55: Explicit

***This episode contains a fair bit of swearing***

Exactly a year since their first show, The Wizards discuss Stoke shipping four goals. Things get very heated, Mark Hughes is compared to Ozymandias, and we attempt to talk through exactly what is going wrong and what needs to happen in the summer.

Wizards 54: Premier League Survival Party 2017

As Stoke return from the Vitality Stadium with a point, it’s one of those confusing little end of season games that asks more questions then it answers. Questions like:

WHO can explain Mark Hughes’ substitutions?
WHAT was Arnie thinking about when Joe Allen’s cross came in?
WHEN will the good people of Stoke be celebrating Ramadan again?
WILL those leaked new kits turn out to be the biggest Macron failure of the weekend?
WHERE is Giannelli Imbula?
HOWE can Eddie POSSIBLY describe Arter’s lunge as an ‘Outstanding tackle’?
WHICH of the podcast quartet is mostly likely to break down into a tragic, Arsenal Fan TV style, ‘Hughes Out’ rant…fam?

David Cowlishaw joined by Ben Cartwright, Chris Brammer and Tom Thrower as they dissect the game which has ensured Stoke’s 10th season in the Premier League. There’s also chat on a potential trip to Dortmund and a shocker of a new away kit.

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Wizards 52: Groundhog Awayday

Oh Stoke.

Jack was back against the Jacks and there’s delight that Butland made his long overdue return to Premier League football, but that’s about as far as the positivity goes as Stoke fall to another away defeat.

We ask why we’ve used half a season to get a player fit, what our defenders actually do in training and when Arnie’s pen will come back to earth.

Apart from discuss the game, we play “Pulis or Hughes?”, talk about bet365 card payments, youth prospects, Patreon, potential Ale trails and more. Enjoy.

Wizards 51: Return of the Shaq

It’s an effective double change not only at the bet365 stadium, but also at Wizards HQ as the old guard of Ben Rowley and Tom Thrower are thrown on to make a nuisance of themselves and deliver their verdicts on a much-needed Stoke win.

There’s praise for a delightful trio of goals, in amongst the regular concern and criticism. Also, we decide what song will motivate the lads for the rest of the season in our listener question.

Finally, to end the show we have an international round-up, with exiled Stokies giving us their views from around the globe. This week, Potters in Sweden, Holland, Qatar and Catalonia send in their thoughts (and the best version of the Muniesa song ever recorded).

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Happy Easter people, go on Stoke.

Wizards 50: What Does Drivel Mean?

It’s episode 50 of the Wizards of Drivel Podcast and the lads have got the bakewall tarts out.

What better way to celebrate a milestone than speculating at which manager would be best to take over from Mark Hughes? The wizards take a long hard look at who could replace the Welshman, with some sensible choices, and some that are probably rather unrealistic. Obviously we don’t want Hughes to go if he picks up results, we just want to see who could come into replace our Mark.

We also review the Liverpool game, briefly preview the Hull game and take a look at the Oatcake thread of the week.

Featuring @davidcowlishaw, @brammered and @bajcartwright.

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Wizards 49: Much Ado About Nothing

Stoke are brushed aside at The King Power, and The Wizards are left to chew over another underwhelming display. Chris takes the defeat badly, getting as ‘Hughes Out’ as he’s ever been. We attempt to analyse what is going wrong and what can be done to address it with the return of ‘Hughesnight’.

Also, we have our Oatcake Thread of the Week courtesy of Stoke’s newest American fan, our listener question reveals Chris’ lack of knowledge about the Pulis/Beattie headbutt incident and Julien Ngoy’s stock rises ever further.

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Wizards 48: Fly, You Fools!

The Wizards go slightly insane in the absence of a Stoke game. So there is chat on: Ireland v Wales, Shaq’s mysteriously healing hammy, In-ger-lund, filling the bet365, the sesh with Saido, holidays with Stoke players, Giannelli Imbula and The Temple of Doom, roughly an hour of Lord of the Rings chat, a quiz and a vague attempt at a Leicester preview.

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Wizards 47: Chelsea Daggers

Stoke suffer late heartbreak as this season’s champions take a step towards the title. Dave is joined by Zach and Tom to dissect that performance, as well as talking Primark mannequins, Ngoy on Twitter and dressing room music choices.

We’ve also got @StamfordChidge from The Chelsea FanCast giving a Blues’ perspective on yesterday, @scfcjase sends in some concerns about strikers and we have our first ever ‘Oatcake Thread of the Week’.

That’s not all though. Dave speaks to King Fut founder Mohammed Seif about how Ramadona’s Stoke career is going down in Egypt, and there’s also a conversation with Mike from Inspired Film and Video about a planned 1992/93 documentary.

We have a new website – wizardsofdrivel.com – so get on that for everything #wodpod related. Goooarn Stoke.

Wizards 46: Desert Island Stoke

For the first ever time in the Wizards’ completely original new show idea, Dave and Ben are joined in the studio by prolific Stoke City ‘artist’, Joe Barbieri.

The unlikely trio discuss Joe’s favourite five Stoke games of all time as well as his inductee into the Wizards of Drivel Hall of Fame and his all-time favourite Stoke kit.

If you don’t know who Joe is you will certainly recognise some of his design work, Mr Barbieri has worked of our podcast, Duck magazine, the Bear Pit TV and even Stoke City FC themselves. What a hero.

The club’s fixtures against Manchester City in the past week were also discussed at around the halfway point in the show.

You can see Joe’s work on his Twitter @jbdotco or follow Dave and Ben @davidcowlishaw @bajcartwright