The Wizards of Drivel Podcast is approaching 50 episodes, and we’ve had an absolute blast doing it. It’s been a labour of love and we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

From the, erm, challenging listen of the first episode we’ve grown and grown and we’re delighted that so many of you seem to enjoy it. From our point of view, we’ve enjoyed experimenting with new show ideas, concepts, gimmicks and set-ups. We had a blast doing our first studio show – the FA Cup Special, and were thrilled with the response to the Frank Soo documentary. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who’s appeared as a guest presenter or been interviewed on the pod – from Tom, Jase, Ben and Zach to Leon Cort, Stan Collymore and Susan Gardiner via Bunny, Homzy, Rob Doolany and a host of opposition fans.

At its core though, The Wizards of Drivel is three blokes chatting…drivel. We want to continue to do that. So that is why we’ve launched a Patreon page.

Patreon allows anyone, if they wish, to support the podcast and allow us to continue to do this next season. This is in the form of a very small monthly fee. If you would be so kind, you can choose etiher $1 (c. 80p) or $3 a month (£2.40).

This isn’t a charity though, we intend to give something back beyond that warm glow in your chest. If you choose the $1 option you will receive a significant discount on any merchandise we release (hint: the more of you who become patrons, the more merch we can make), as well as access to Patreon-only content – videos, blogs that kind of thing.

If you choose the $3 option, you will receive two extra podcasts a month – just for you, for being nice. These will be at least half an hour long and could be anything from a preview show, to an interview with someone interesting, or just a big old helping of Wizardy goodness.

If you’re convinced, and want to support the podcast – go here:

Or carry on reading….


Why are you on Patreon then?

Podcasting is not a good way to make money, especially if your podcast caters to a limited demographic. Maybe when Stoke are in the Champions League we’ll be rolling in ad money but for the moment we want to continue doing the show without losing money.

It’s something we love doing and want to continue to do, but the way it’s going the show may become unsustainable – the three of us don’t have a lot of disposable income to throw at the pod.

Also, The Wizards of Drivel feels like an inclusive, ‘community’ show in which the listeners are every much a part of the podcast as the presenters. We listen to your feedback, read your emails and it honestly wouldn’t be the same show without our listeners’ contributions.

Money donated will go on our Soundcloud subscription first and foremost – so we can continue to release it for free. From then, any additional money will be used to improve the quality of the show. From getting better mics, editing software etc. to train tickets so we can meet up for studio shows or interview people of interest to Stokies.

I can’t afford/don’t want to donate but still want to listen!

Thank you. We appreciate that not everyone can part with money all the time, so for non-patrons nothing will change. You’ll still get your weekly shows straight to your Soundcloud/App/iTunes for free and we won’t think any less of you. It’ll just be that people who can part with a couple of quid a month get extra stuff on top of that!

I still have some doubts about this!

Fair enough. We’re happy to talk about anything on our Twitter or via email –

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