The Stoke City Years

As a founder member of the football league, Stoke have had a long and storied history. Your WODPOD historians Dave and Tony have made it their mission to document the story of Stoke, season-by-season, from 1888 to the present day. We're recording a podcast about every Stoke season, where Tony goes deep into historical research … Continue reading The Stoke City Years

Stoke City Legends: Mark Stein

  Association football is lovingly referred to around the world as the ‘beautiful game’ and it has been a constant source of iconic sporting images throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There are certain photographs which are instantly recognisable to football supporters, either because they showcase a special moment in time or encompass the emotions … Continue reading Stoke City Legends: Mark Stein

How Stoke won: Swansea, assessed.

Best Result? Yes. Best performance? Well, it’s not as clear. I thought there was a really good question on the last WODPOD. It nicely reflects everything I have been trying to say about this season and it inspired me to have a closer look at the Swansea game. Gareth’s question, or at least my interpretation … Continue reading How Stoke won: Swansea, assessed.

Things can only get better: Why Stoke should stick with Nathan Jones

The numbers don’t just say stick with Jones, they scream it. Ask any professional stats person, which I am in no way one of, and they will tell you that the rule of thumb is that you can control 50% of what goes on in a football match. This means the other 50% is up … Continue reading Things can only get better: Why Stoke should stick with Nathan Jones

Stoke City Legends: Eric Skeels

(Editor's note: We are absolutely delighted to be hosting this new series from Martyn Cooke. Martyn is a Post Graduate Teaching Assistant at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a PhD student exploring the sporting history of Stoke-on-Trent. He's on twitter @cooke_martyn. In this series, Martyn uses his powers as a historian to profile the true … Continue reading Stoke City Legends: Eric Skeels

If only Stoke City FC had its fans’ creativity

I really don't like the word 'content'. It feels like a cynical, throwaway word YouTubers use to talk about their job. "I'm a content creator", says a millionaire teenager who screams at a video game for a job. Good for you, but just say you make videos. 'Content' indeed. It's also such a mediocre way … Continue reading If only Stoke City FC had its fans’ creativity

Progressive Centre Backs, Stoke City, and Liam Lindsay

Stoke have (had?) a problem. It was especially prevalent under Gary Rowett and presented significant problems to Nathan Jones in his first few months at the club. The problem was this: Stoke’s centre backs were not good enough passers to implement the possession-based style that both of the aforementioned managers attempted. It wasn’t that they … Continue reading Progressive Centre Backs, Stoke City, and Liam Lindsay