Tenuously connecting Stoke to The World Cup: A Guide

(AKA - A Scottish/Yorkshire Stokie's Guide to the 31 other nations) (AAKA - The only World Cup Preview you could possibly need... a day late) (AAAKA - Reasons to support everyone) I can’t claim to be “Scottish Stokie” as there are already several of those frequenting various platforms. Nor can I claim to be “Scottish … Continue reading Tenuously connecting Stoke to The World Cup: A Guide


In Defence of Mark Cartwright (Sort of)

While Ricardo Fuller asking “Who is he again, Mark Cartwright? Really? If Stoke wasn’t in the Premiership, would he be here?” is entertaining there is a question to Cartwright’s role and many seem to be confused over what exactly he does. People seem to blame him for plenty of the issues at the club, without … Continue reading In Defence of Mark Cartwright (Sort of)

The Optimism Paradox

“Optimism. Noun: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something” Ten years in the Premier League have come and gone for Stoke City. It wasn’t a shock departure either, instead it was a slow deterioration which began when Mark Hughes’ Stoke side were knocked out of the League Cup semi-final by Liverpool, … Continue reading The Optimism Paradox