Meet Stoke City, a club failing to hit ‘reset’

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” Stoke didn’t really reset during pre-season as much as they remained on standby. After four opening games in which criticism of Michael O’Neill intensified on the airwaves, terraces and social media cesspits, the verdict for the season is already in with 42 games to go. We’re … Continue reading Meet Stoke City, a club failing to hit ‘reset’

Michael O’Neill: Restoking the fires

Final days of the season are often good, but that final day of The Championship will be talked about in the alehouses of Nottingham, West Bromwich, Barnsley, Swansea, Luton and more besides for years. For Stoke fans, it may be forgotten slightly. Although a surge from 17th to 15th was nice, not to mention the … Continue reading Michael O’Neill: Restoking the fires

Stoke City Legends: Mark Stein

  Association football is lovingly referred to around the world as the ‘beautiful game’ and it has been a constant source of iconic sporting images throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There are certain photographs which are instantly recognisable to football supporters, either because they showcase a special moment in time or encompass the emotions … Continue reading Stoke City Legends: Mark Stein

How Stoke won: Swansea, assessed.

Best Result? Yes. Best performance? Well, it’s not as clear. I thought there was a really good question on the last WODPOD. It nicely reflects everything I have been trying to say about this season and it inspired me to have a closer look at the Swansea game. Gareth’s question, or at least my interpretation … Continue reading How Stoke won: Swansea, assessed.

Things can only get better: Why Stoke should stick with Nathan Jones

The numbers don’t just say stick with Jones, they scream it. Ask any professional stats person, which I am in no way one of, and they will tell you that the rule of thumb is that you can control 50% of what goes on in a football match. This means the other 50% is up … Continue reading Things can only get better: Why Stoke should stick with Nathan Jones

Stoke City Legends: Eric Skeels

(Editor's note: We are absolutely delighted to be hosting this new series from Martyn Cooke. Martyn is a Post Graduate Teaching Assistant at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a PhD student exploring the sporting history of Stoke-on-Trent. He's on twitter @cooke_martyn. In this series, Martyn uses his powers as a historian to profile the true … Continue reading Stoke City Legends: Eric Skeels