SCFC Mediawatch – July 5th

The best Stoke-Con-Tent in Stoke-on-Trent

Welcome to SCFC Mediawatch, a weekly feature in which we review the previous week in Stoke City-related media. From fanzines and podcasts to why we were last on Match of the Day again, SCFC mediawatch looks at all levels of media and picks out the most interesting stuff. Found a good article/video/piece of (sigh) ‘content’? Let us know.

Well, we complained last week that the club were falling some way behind in terms of social media – but fair play, they’ve pick up the pace in terms of putting stuff out there. Today has seen the lads return for pre-season training and Stoke City + has gone to town in producing videos, offering us something a bit different. The quality is hardly Spielbergian, but it does seem as though the club have heard the complaints that their social media has been rather underwhelming and are trying to improve it.

Another thing we brought you last week was the ‘story’ that Hairy Potter had ditched the character, which he confirmed in an interview with The Sentinel this week. Never one to go quietly, HP even stopped to have a dig at ourselves and the Bear Pit.

Hairy wrote in a conversation with a like-minded fan that “D’yer think there is now a twitter clique that bombards everyone’s timeline with negative shite, agendas and we are the new word on Stoke”, adding “I’m drowning in this pit of drivel”

He’s talking about young people on Twitter, some of whom (gasp) do creative things like write and make stuff about their team. It’s something we’ve come across plenty of times before and no doubt will continue to do so, but frankly it’s so boring and thick I can’t be bothered to type out a full rebuttal. All we’ll say is, if you get so offended by differing opinions maybe Twitter isn’t for you. Either have a conversation with someone or don’t, but don’t indirect them and assume there’s a grand conspiracy of people who all share exactly the same views, it’s not a good look.


On to the written word then, and we’d like to draw your attention to Jase’s piece on this very website, which is a superbly comprehensive preview of our youth teams’ upcoming seasons. It’s gone down really well, as it should.


I stopped at the headline of this. I mean, seriously.


Tom Thrower loves stats. Perhaps a bit too much, but his videos for the BearPit TV are really well done and offer a thoughtful alternative to yammering Praise and Grumble contributors.



We met up with Danny Higginbotham and had a chat. He was great!

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