Quick Preview: Swansea City (A)

In the first of what will hopefully be a regular feature, we take a quick look at an upcoming Stoke game with a fan from the opposition.

Today, Stephen Carroll from The Jack Cast podcast and the Swansea oh Swansea fanzine answers our questions ahead of Stoke’s trip to The Liberty Stadium on Tuesday night.

You came down with us but with slightly different expectations. How would you rate your season so far?

Considering the fact we’ve lost so many players and not replaced them, I’d have to say we’ve done well. The manager has improved our style of play and brought through our promising youngsters. The future would be promising if we weren’t going to seek those players in the summer.

Graham Potter was touted for our job for a while when we sacked Paul Lambert. How’s he getting on?

I’m very pleased you didn’t go for him. As I said about he’s done a great job, our best manager since Michael Laudrup. Keeping him is the top priority, without him I think we’d be in a relegation battle.

What players should we watch out for?

Dan James is the main one, he’s on fire at the moment. If he stays next season (which he won’t) he could become the best player in the league.

You’ve hovered around mid-table most of the season, what do you need next season to propel you towards the top end of the table?

We need to keep what we’ve got, which is the nucleus of a good side and add 3/4 starters and a couple of backup players. If we did that then I could see us getting top 2 next season. If we do what I’m expecting and sell 3/4 and sign hardly any then we’ll be looking at bottom six.

What kind of reception will Joe Allen and Ashley Williams get?

Joe Allen should get a good one, still wrangles with me that we failed to sign him in 2016 when he’s said he wanted to come back. Ash will probably get more of a mixed one which I think is harsh. He was a huge player for us, best centre half in my lifetime.


We’re playing well at home and I think that’ll continue and win 2-1

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