Parish Notices

Hi all, don’t worry, this won’t take long. Just a few notices ahead of the summer.

  • We’re planning to carry on producing the pod at pretty much the same rate during the season. So this means typically one a week, sometimes one every two weeks.
  • Despite this, we do want to improve the quality of the pod as much as we can. So, we’re looking at investing in new equipment, getting a different range of voices on and seeing what else we can do to produce a quality listen.
  • We’re asking people who may be interested in appearing on the pod to get in touch with us via Facebook, Email or DM to register their interest – the deeper the squad, the better. In addition, we’re after people who want to write for the website. We’re after Stoke pieces of any length that come from the heart – nostalgia, opinion, or whatever takes your fancy (just not match reports).
  • We’re also after any ideas you might have for potential episodes – guests, concepts or features. We’re open to all suggestions, so feel free to get in touch.
  • Patreon: With our goal being to get bigger and better, there may be things we need to save up for – trains to games, mics, or just the hours out of our lives we spend putting things together. To that end, remains open for you to help support us for as little as $1 a month – so for a few pennies, you can help us grow. We will look at ways we can incentivise this further, but we can’t commit to many more episodes for the time being. Having no corporate backers or sponsorship, stuff like this makes a huge difference. If you’ve already backed us to the tune of $3+, feel free if you like to reduce it to $1 – and see it as chucking your spare coppers our way.

That’s it. We’re really looking forward to next season. GOOOOARN STOKE

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