Meet Stoke City, a club failing to hit ‘reset’

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” Stoke didn’t really reset during pre-season as much as they remained on standby. After four opening games in which criticism of Michael O’Neill intensified on the airwaves, terraces and social media cesspits, the verdict for the season is already in with 42 games to go. We’re … Continue reading Meet Stoke City, a club failing to hit ‘reset’

The Wizards of Drivel 2017/18 Manifesto

The season is nearly here. It's the time of year where Sky do a montage of grass being cut, stadiums looking resplendent in the sun and camera-friendly, official-shirt clad fans marching down terraced streets that very few Premier League grounds are anywhere near anymore. These images might release the right amount of endorphins to convince … Continue reading The Wizards of Drivel 2017/18 Manifesto

57: Wizards meet… Danny Higginbotham

We're back! The Wizards of Drivel podcast returns for another season and what better way to kick things off with an interview with a modern day Stoke City hero? ITunes link: Soundcloud:  We obviously covered Higgy's Stoke career - from helping bring Ric to the Britannia (we could have had Dexter Blackstock!), to THAT Quarter … Continue reading 57: Wizards meet… Danny Higginbotham