QUIZ: Stoke City Premier League Players

It's nearly been a decade since Stoke City won promotion to the Premier League, and throughout our time in the "promised land", we've seen many faces come and go to the Britannia/Bet365 Stadium. 85 players have donned the red and white for the Potters in our most recent spell in the top flight...85! So, for … Continue reading QUIZ: Stoke City Premier League Players

Savage, Stoke and a season of inertia

"But you're 12th!" squawks Robbie Savage, with the forced incredulity of a child trying to deny they'd raided the biscuit tin with a full mouth of McVities. This the age of the entitled, deluded fan. With every aspect of football hyped up to the max by a frenzied media, it's only right that the football … Continue reading Savage, Stoke and a season of inertia

Confessions of a Southern Stokie

Liverpool at home was likely the last game I will get to this season. I confess I have not been to a great deal of matches this term - student funds have meant it’s been nigh on impossible to afford to go. However, when I have been, I have of course loved it. A loss … Continue reading Confessions of a Southern Stokie