Jonesball Revisited

There we go, five months of Nathan Jones and it was...well, it probably wasn’t everything we had all hoped it to be. Stoke stumbled to a 16th placed finish and results wise Jones failed to improve on Rowett’s abject failure. But for some reason I, and I believe a relatively significant proportion of the rest … Continue reading Jonesball Revisited

Daring to Expect

Football should be fun, and a lot of people seem to forget that. From those berating your team's best player at the game, to the maddening cyber-twats of Twitter and the forums, I wonder what a lot of people actually get out of football other than higher blood pressure. Of course, I regularly join in … Continue reading Daring to Expect

Stoke and St. Pauli: Best of Comrades?

On the face of it, a commercial relationship between 2.Bundesliga’s FC St Pauli of Hamburg and our very own Stoke City is a bizarre one. How did these two clubs even come into contact with one another, let alone negotiate a partnership that, as the clubs prepared statements state, “will see them liaise in terms … Continue reading Stoke and St. Pauli: Best of Comrades?

57: Wizards meet… Danny Higginbotham

We're back! The Wizards of Drivel podcast returns for another season and what better way to kick things off with an interview with a modern day Stoke City hero? ITunes link: Soundcloud:  We obviously covered Higgy's Stoke career - from helping bring Ric to the Britannia (we could have had Dexter Blackstock!), to THAT Quarter … Continue reading 57: Wizards meet… Danny Higginbotham